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A Cuppa and Covid

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Support is here for you

Are you a health professional or do you undertake a caring role? These are new and challenging times, and on occasion we can all feel overwhelmed. Take time out of your busy day, get yourself a well-earned brew and join our virtual group, designed to provide a safe space to share experiences, listen to others and recognise that you are not alone. The group will meet fortnightly on a Wednesday, dates and times below:

Dates and Times

6pm to 7:30pm

07 April 2021

05 May 2021

02 June 2021

30 June 2021

28 July 2021

11am to 12:30pm

24 March 2021

21 April 2021

19 May 2021

16 June 2021

14 July 2021

For further Information please contact Family Support Team East Lancashire Hospice

Tel: 01254 287009

Email: familysupport.hospice@nhs.net