East Lancashire Hospice

Activity Programme Supporter

Role Activity: Programme Supporter

A range of programmes are provided that can include: - Creative Connections - Art, Craft & Music Activity - Poetry, writing, self-expression and making memories - Physical Activity Location Support and Wellbeing (SWB)

Department: East Lancashire Hospice

Responsible to: Clinical Lead/Named Practitioner SWB (This person will be your main point of contact while volun­te­ering. They will provide you with the support and supervision necessary for you to perform your role)

Role requ­ire­ments: Minimum Age 18 years Old Two Satisfactory references Enhanced DBS check


Role Summary

Support the delivery of indi­vidu­alised activities for families/­groups in ways that maximise quality of life, a feeling of wellbeing and have therapeutic value for people accessing hospice services and those that matter to them.

When we need you to be available

The expected commitment for this role will be based on your own areas of interest and then matched with available (or planned) individually tailored sessions to meet the needs of patients and families.

The time commitment will be negotiated with you and may involve later afternoons and weekend sessions . Please include on your application form an indication of any regular and/or ad-hoc availability you may have together with any special interest areas.

Skills, knowledge, abilities and qualities

  • Interest and experience in creative and physical activities
  • Under­standing of the health and wellbeing benefits of social and therapeutic activities for individuals and groups 
  • Friendly and welcoming with good commu­nica­tion skills and able to work well with individuals as well as groups
  • Have a genuine interest in people; able to listen comfortably/­talk easily with people in a relaxed, friendly manner whilst being comfortable with silence, recognising when people need quiet space
  • Experience working with adults/­families including children and young people
  • Able to work alongside others in a relaxed and creative environment
  • Punctual and committed to attendance at agreed time and dates

What we would like you to do

  • Help create a private, neutral environment that enables individuals and families to feel comfortable and secure
  • With support of the programme coordinator, enable people to enjoy themselves and have some ‘me/us time out’ 
  • Contribute to maintaining an environment that enables people to engage in exercise or express ideas, thoughts and feelings whilst having fun
  • Assist family members or individuals to engage in physical activity, art/­craftwork remembering to encourage self-expression and independence
  • Support individuals to build on/develop techniques that create personal and impressive pieces of art/craft work.
  • Support the Creative Connections/­Programme Facilitators with the planning, delivery and evaluation of the programme/­individual sessions.
  • Promote the freedom to explore media and materials and work together to create a colla­borative piece/s of art/craft work.
  • Assist in preparing and cleaning away the art studio on the day of the session.
  • Support the smooth running of each session for example by preparing the refreshment trolley and assisting with general housekeeping duties.

What we will provide:

  • Training to keep you and others safe
  • Specific training/­orientation to the role
  • The support of the session facilitator
  • Invitation to regular team meetings
  • Opportunity to develop knowledge, skill and confidence General Requirements
  • Be friendly, respectful and courteous to patients, visitors, staff, customers and other volunteers at all times.
  • Ensure the information you have access to as part of your role is kept secure and confi­den­tial.
  • Work at all times to safeguard the rights of individuals promoting their wellbeing and protecting those at risk from harm by advising staff of any concerns
  • Act in a way that upholds the hospice’s values which are:

- Patients are individuals and have a right to respect, privacy, dignity and choice

- Staff and volunteers are vital to the hospice’s success,and it is their contribution which provides the hospice with its quality service and reputation

- Our services should be focused on meeting our patients requirements

- Value for money is achieved making the most effective use of available resources

  •  Ensure that personal actions and conduct apply with hospice policies and procedures
  •  Ensure effective use of hospice resources Review of this description This role is intended as an outline of general areas of activities and will be amended in the light of changing needs at the hospice.


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