East Lancashire Hospice

Clearer Commu­nica­tion Skills programme

Commu­nica­tion skills are vital to delivering safe, effective, responsive and compas­si­onate care.

The CLEARER commu­nica­tion skills program has been developed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide open, honest compas­si­onate care in practice. Candidates can select the level of course that best suits their skills and experience completing one or more of the three workshops on offer.

A two - hour workshop at an introductory level, aimed at people who work in health and social care that will develop under­standing and skills for commu­nicating compas­si­onately and sensitively with others.

A four-hour workshop at a foundation level, aimed at people working with patients and their families in a health and social care setting, that will develop skills to hold clear, sensitive and honest conver­sations about: disease progression, treatment options, care options, exploration of their experiences, needs, priorities and choices.

A full day workshop at an intermediate level aimed at qualified clinical staff working in health and social care, that will develop skills reflecting, analysing and applying commu­nica­tion strategies to ensure effective compas­si­onate conver­sations in challenging circum­stances including breaking bad news diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, care options, Advance Care Planning, and expression of intense emotions.

For more information please contact Denise Williams, East Lancashire Hospice - 01254 287036 denise.williams@eastlancshospice.org.uk