East Lancashire Hospice

Grounds Maintenance

Role Summary: Under supervision and direction of Maintenance staff, to participate in the annual programmed and ad hoc grounds maintenance work within the hospice surroundings.

Location: East Lancashire Hospice

Role requirements: Two Satisfactory references. Enhanced DBS check (an enhanced DBS check will only be required for those roles which involve regular, unsupervised contact with patients)

Accountable to: Maintenance Coordinator (They will be your main point of contact while volunteering.  They will provide you with the support and supervision necessary for you to perform your role).

When we need you to be available: Below are the time slots that we need volunteers to carry out this role.  You can volunteer for one or more than one-time slot.  You will be asked to detail your availability on your application form.

  Day   Mon   Tue     Wed     Thur     Fri     Sat     Sun     Ad hoc hours  by arrangement  
  Morning   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓      
  Afternoon     ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓    

Skills, knowledge, abilities and qualities 

  • Experience of general grounds maintenance
  • Good communication skills
  • To interact as part of a team

What we would like you to do

  • Clean and maintain the water features within the garden area
  • Mowing of lawns
  • Helping to maintain the garden tools, garden sheds etc 
  • Undertaking minor repairs and to garden furniture 
  • Moving garden furniture and equipment when required
  • Helping with the care and treatment of garden furniture and wood fencing
  • Power washing paths and furniture 
  • Cleaning of lower level lighting 
  • Cleaning of external door and window frames 
  • Cleaning of fascia 
  • Re-pointing of garden paths 

General Requirements

Undertake training and development applicable to the role.

Be friendly, respectful and courteous to patients, visitors, staff, customers and other volunteers at all times

To ensure the information you have access to as part of your role is kept secure and confidential.

Work at all times to safeguard the rights of individuals promoting their wellbeing and protecting those at risk from harm by advising staff of any concerns.

Act in a way that upholds the hospice’s values which are:

  • Patients are individuals and have a right to respect, privacy, dignity and choice
  • Staff and volunteers are vital to the hospice’s success, and it is their contribution which provides the hospice with its quality service and reputation
  • Our services should be focused on meeting our patients’ requirements
  • Value for money is achieved making the most effective use of available resources
  • Ensure that personal actions and conduct apply with hospice policies and procedures
  • Ensure effective use of hospice resources

Review of this description

This role description is intended as an outline of general areas of activities and will be amended in the light of changing needs of the hospice

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