East Lancashire Hospice

Helen Slack - Fundraising and reception volunteer

Name: Helen Slack

Job title: Fundraising and reception volunteer

What does your role involve?

I do anything that’s required. That can be preparing tombolas, filing, folding raffle tickets, answering the phones, looking after friends and family who are visiting loves ones, taking donations. It can get busy at Christmas and at event times.

How did you get the experience to do the role you do now?

I’ve been a nurse, midwife and health visitor so I’ve learned good commu­nica­tion and sensitivity. I applied for Hospice at Home but was asked to go on reception and I enjoyed the new challenge so much I stayed. I have lots of experience in a nursing capacity, have worked in other countries and travel a lot, which all helps.

What time do you start and finish work each day typically?

I work one day a week, although occasionally more at busy times and fundraising events. I start at 10am and work until 1pm on fundraising reception, then I do 2pm until 5pm on the main reception.

How do you wind down after a hard day at work?

I like to enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner and enjoy cooking, but I don’t find it stressful working at the hospice. It’s very pleasurable.

What’s the best thing about working for the hospice?

The people I work with are so welcoming. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from all the little jobs I do, knowing that I’m helping the patients.

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