East Lancashire Hospice

Inpatient Clinical Volunteer

Role: Inpatient Clinical Volunteer

Location: Inpatient Unit (IPU)

Accountable to: Head of Inpatient Unit

Role requ­ire­ments: Minimum age 18 years Two satisfactory references Enhanced DBS check

Role Summary: To work under the direction of professional staff, assisting the hospice team in providing care and support to patients, their families and carers

What we would like you to do:

  • Have an open, caring approach towards the patient and those that matter to them, whilst being sensitive to their need for privacy
  • Receive a handover of individual patient needs specific to your role at the start of your shift
  • Alongside clinical staff, help to support patients with activities of daily living including for example assisting with hygiene needs, movement, eating and drinking and recreational activity
  • Enhance the wellbeing of patients and those that matter to them by supporting the creation of special memories through events, activities, food and drink. This might include for example: reading, conver­sation, board games, music and crafts, taking refreshment orders
  • Provide support for the Inpatient Unit reception, answering the telephone, taking accurate messages, welcoming visitors and escorting people to other parts of the hospice.
  • Support the team in maintaining a tidy and welcoming environment including for example: keeping rooms clutter free including IPU kitchen, removing wilting flowers Provide feedback to the nursing team on how to enhance the experience of patients and families

What we will do for you:

  • Provide education to support you in your volunteer role including for example:
  • Commu­nica­tion skills, Foundations in clinical care, Bereavement workshop
  • Provide a buddy/mentor to support and guide you
  • Provide regular meetings to discuss the role, your experiences and any ideas or feedback you have

General requirements

  • To have a friendly, welcoming and sensitive approach to patients, staff, volunteers and visitors at all times
  • Work under the supervision and direction of the named lead person in the department
  • Communicate effectively with all those using hospice services ensuring the team receive any relevant information
  • To respect all information concerning volunteers, employees and patients as strictly confidential at all times
  • Maintain confi­den­ti­ality of all hospice information at all times which includes information related to patients, family members, carers, volunteers and staff
  • To undertake training and development, including any mandatory training, applicable to the role
  • To work within all hospice policies and procedures rules relevant to your role and ensure you are competent to use any equipment relevant to the role
  • Maintain appropriate and respectful relati­on­ships with all those accessing or involved with hospice services Exercise good personal time management, punctuality, appearance and consistent reliable attendance
  • Act as an ambassador for the East Lancashire Hospice promoting at all times the hospice mission, values, and acting in a way to uphold public confidence
  • Act in a way that upholds the hospice’s values which are: - Patients are individuals and have a right to respect, privacy, dignity and choice - Staff and volunteers are vital to the hospice’s success, and it is their contribution which provides the hospice with its quality service and reputation - Our services should be focused on meeting our patients’ requirements - Value for money is achieved making the most effective use of available resources Skills, knowledge, abilities and qualities
  • Sensitive to the needs of others Under­standing of essential care needs and able to participate in the provision of care for ill people Able to initiate and engage in conversation that matters to the person and be comfortable with a persons need for quiet space/time Enjoys and can lead creative and/or diversional activity that holds a significance others Able to adjust to changing priorities Able to work as part of a team under the direction of a team leader Polite and clear telephone manners Good inter­per­sonal/­verbal commu­nica­tion skills Smart presentable appearance Review of this description This role description is intended as an outline of general areas of activities and will be amended in the light of changing needs of the Hospice. It is expected that the volunteer will be positive and flexible as possible using this document as a framework

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