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Leave a Legacy of Love

Legacy of love

Would you leave the gift of incredible care to your community?

By leaving a legacy to the hospice in your Will, you can enable patients like Iain, Jackie and Ian, all featured below to access hospice services.

Last year legacy gifts provided an incredible 3 months of care to hundreds of local people at a time when they needed it the most.

We couldn’t provide the care we do without your help. It’s the kindness and compassion of people who’ve left money in their Wills which allows the hospice to carry on.

Find out more about Wills and legacies by calling 01254 287010 or email sharon.­crymble@­eas­tla­nc­shos­pi­ce.­org.­uk for more information. Your response will remain completely confidential.

Read the personal stories from the patients - just click on the image.

Iain Poster
Ian poster
Jackie poster
Legacy of love leaflet

Legacies help to provide care for patients who come to the hospice for inpatient care, creative and support therapies, complementary therapy, and physiotherapy and in their own homes through community services like Hospice at Home. After you have taken care of your loved ones, would you consider leaving a legacy to the hospice in your will?

If you wish to leave a legacy to East Lancashire Hospice and already have a Will, please contact your solicitor today to make your wishes known.

Thank you for thinking of the hospice.