East Lancashire Hospice

A suprise visitor at the hospice!

One of our patients got an early Christmas present when she met her hero last week!

Rovers fan Jackie Rigby, 49, met the former Ewood favourite Robbie Savage at a special visit at East Lancashire Hospice. Jackie declared her love for the football pundit – even admitting she has life-size cut outs of the former footballer in her bedroom.

Three years ago, the Jackie was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy. She recently had her head shaved to raise money for East Lancashire Hospice, where she attends the Creative and Support Therapies group every Wednesday and as a thank you for raising the cash, an anonymous benefactor paid for her to have a tattoo of the words ‘Savage 8’ on her leg.

After the story was shared with the BBC Radio Five Live presenter, Robbie called an excited Jackie and during the call he agreed to come and meet her in person. Jackie said: “I’m so emotional. It has been amazing.

“It’s something off my bucket list. He’s perfect. I have queued for hours in the rain before now to have a quick picture taken with him, or to get an autograph – but I’ve been able to sit down and have a brew with him. It has been a day money can’t buy. I’m speechless, and I’m never speechless."

“It has made my day. It has made my Christmas. It has made my life!”

During his visit, Robbie and Jackie chatted about their children and their shared love of football while he signed autographs and Jackie’s leg – which she plans to get tattooed with his signature. Jackie even got to speak to Robbie’s wife Sarah, and pose for photos with the celebrity.

Robbie shared his trip with his 85,000 followers on Instagram and said: “It has been amazing. There was a lot of screaming, but it’s great to be able to put a smile on people’s faces. Jackie is amazing.”

After this visit, he tweeted: ‘If you can make someone happy this Christmas, if it’s only for a minute, please please do.” Thank you Robbie, you certainly did!


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