East Lancashire Hospice

Mohammed Malik

Here Nazmeen Malik shares her father's story:

"My father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in October last year and sadly passed away on 4 February 2018 at midday.

It's been a long and arduous journey, for dad and the whole family. We spent months in and out of hospital with dad and it was devastating when we were told he was simply too weak for any form of treatment. Dad's pain was becoming unmanageable and the doctors recommended he be admitted into East Lancashire Hospice for a few days.

Understandably, Dad was a little apprehensive at first and I think the word ‘hospice’ made him feel slightly nervous. However, one day in and dad was overwhelmed with the care and provisions of the hospice. The nurses seemed to have a real understanding of his needs and they just wanted him to be comfortable and pain free.

We have a big extended family and at times we over took the waiting rooms, but the amazing staff always made us feel welcome. The nurses got to know dad like a friend and we could see they really cared for him which made such a difference to us.

For that reason, we will always be in debt to East Lancashire Hospice and words cannot express our complete gratitude to them. If we were able to help one more family in the way that the hospice helped us, then that would mean so very much to our whole family."