East Lancashire Hospice

Joyce Haworth

"When I first came into the hospice I didn’t know what to expect. I was brought a cup of tea. Little things like that really stand out like having good conversation with the staff, and when I had some prunes for breakfast someone had already taken the stones out for me. Everyone smiles and it makes you smile. I’ve been lovingly and caringly treated by a team of dedicated staff. The celebration of my 84th birthday was totally unexpected. It was a special treat. Throughout my stay the hospice kept my daughter up to date and took any worry away. The food is lovely too. I had lamb one day and it was cooked beautifully. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to eat it but I tried and ate it all. It was so tasty.

One of the student nurses even did my hair for me on my birthday which made me feel special, especially when I put my tiara on too! The staff are my guardian angels. Before I came in one of the clinical nurse specialists came to visit me. She gave me lots of practical advice and left me with some important phone numbers in case I needed more help. They are all so wonderful.

The 2 weeks I've spent in the hospice have been the most uplifting of my life. I thought the hospice was only a place where you come to die, but now I've been here I know it isn't. It's given me the chance to ask questions I wouldn't have asked at home. And the staff and all the volunteers are always smiling and so genuine with the care, love and affection they show. I'm counting my blessings that I can go home and have another few months with my husband. I don't want to just do nothing - I want to make plans.

Everyone should visit the hospice to see what it’s all about. I’ve supported the hospice for a while and I would say to others to please support it in any way you can.”

Joyce Haworth

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