East Lancashire Hospice

Complementary Therapy

Unfortunately our email address for our referrals is currently down – As a temporary measure please send all referrals to inpatient.team@nhs.net. If you have recently sent a referral and would like to check we have received it please contact our clinical admin team on 01254 965864. We will update once our referrals email is back up and running. Thank you.

East Lancashire Hospice offers a range of Complementary Therapies to support physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.  Complementary Therapy helps with symptom management, promotes relaxation, relieves stress and anxiety and improves coping abilities when living with a palliative illness.

The Complementary Therapy Service is designed to support the needs of each individual through a tailor made treatment plan. During your sessions you may receive a combination of treatments based on your needs including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki and M Technique.  This service is offered to both out-patients, in-patients and their family/carers.

Our therapists are professional and regulated practitioners, with nationally recognised qualifications. You can contact us directly or through your hospital doctor, GP, district nurse, specialist nurse or any other health or social care provider involved in your care.

To speak to one of the team regarding Complementary Therapy please call 01254 965859