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6th Jul 2018, 11:05
Vicky Walkden
My husband Russell Walkden, spent his last few weeks at East Lancs Hospice. He was aged 50 when he passed away 19th June 2108. I would like to say a huge thank you, to the whole team. You provided comfort and care at the most difficult time. You all deserve a medal of bravery. No words are big enough to express my sincere gratitude. East Lancs Hospice truly is Outstanding.
4th Aug 2017, 17:24
Louise Swift
My dad, Alan, ended his days last week at home, just as he had wanted, gently and without distress, from Pulmonary Fibrosis. He and my mum were supported massively by the 'Hospice at Home' service provided by East Lancs Hospice.
You were there to support them with information about what they might expect as his condition worsened, the options for end of life care available to them, and you provided superb respite times for mum to be able to leave the house for a couple of hours, knowing dad was looked after in his own home by someone kind and knowled­ge­able. You were always at the end of a phone if we needed advice and also came regularly to visit mum and dad at home.
We cannot thank you enough.
5th Oct 2016, 12:54
William (Bill) Ferguson
My Dad Bill Ferguson had his final days at the Hospice and he couldn't have been in a better place. He was treated with dignity, respect and kindness, when we arrived into the hospice it like walking into a massive hug for my Dad and family. The Drs and nurses go above and beyond, they are the best. My Dad had the most peaceful passing with so much love and care, even the chef baked my Dad a beautiful birthday cake. The memories of his stay will be with me forever and is definitely helping me comes to terms with losing him. if I was asked to describe the hospice it would be The Saddest Happiest Place, Thank you all you amazing people there #teamELH are the best ever. xxx
17th Feb 2016, 14:03
Jaqui Collins
My very dear friend, Roy Silva, spent 3 weeks in the Hospice between Dec 15-Jan 16. For the first time in weeks, he was pain free & able to eat. Initially Roy refused to go as he thought he was going to die there. He wanted to pass this on to others suffering that the Hospice is nothing to be frightened of. His last few weeks were very happy & he loved all the Staff there. Thank you all. I am in the process of organising a Fund Raiser for you in memory of my Roy xx
15th Nov 2015, 14:29
I recently spent two weeks at the hospice for pain and medication management after one of several admittances to hospital due to my stage four lung problem.
Like many people, when my specialist suggested trying palliative care at the hospice my first thoughts were that I was in my final few weeks of life. I quickly learnt however, that the hospice is about much more than helping people through their final journey and more about supporting both the patient and the family with a large range of activities and experienced and dedicated staff.
The hospice takes a holistic approach to caring and supporting with both physical and practical sessions as well as pain and medication management to help the patient feel as well as they possibly can under the circum­stances.
When I arrived at the inpatient unit I was really impressed at the facilities available. The rooms were modern with all the amenities of a good hotel! The staff were fantastic and welcoming, nothing was too much trouble. I was lucky with the U.K. weather and was able to enjoy the wonderful gardens which were peaceful and tranquil where I could sit and reflect in the sunshine.
The hospice is about quality of life and are always looking at innovative ways of improving this for individuals with physi­ot­he­rapies, group exercises for example.
The hospice has a relaxing atmosphere were staff have the time to talk and discuss your concerns. The doctors will also be as open and honest with you as you wish and not try to hide or keep information from you if asked (obviously they do not have a crystal ball).
As a result of my stay at the hospice I was able to get well enough to travel once more abroad which before hand I honestly didn't think I would do again. We have been able to take the whole family to Spain for a great holiday and created lots of wonderful memories, none of which would have been possible without the support of the hospice and community nurses.
Although I know my life expectancy is not good I no longer have any fear of what is to come, the hospice nurses have even made arrangements for me to donate to the organ donation scheme which is something I would encourage everyone to consider as it could completely change someone's life for the better. Thank you again to everyone who looked after me from the doctors to the volunteers and for making me laugh more than I have in a long time!

John Upton
4th Sep 2015, 10:43
Louise Hardy
My mum first went into the hospice for respite care in April 2015 and due to the fantastic care she received from the Doctors & nursing staff was able to return home. She was then re-admitted in July 2015 for pain management and again due to the intensive care she has received is now able to be transferred into a local Nursing home. My family cannot thank the Hospice enough for their help during this very emotional time in all our lives but especially for the care they have given to mum.She is no longer able to return home due to the need for 24hr care, the hospice again have been an amazing help in supporting our family through the transfer to a nursing home..We need to change the perception that a Hospice is somewhere people go to die, they have twice been able to give my mum the chance to prolong her life.I cannot put into words how grateful we all are.I cannot thank them enough for all their support.
22nd Feb 2015, 09:37
Ant Brodest
I would just like to add to all the positive comments previously left. My 53 year old sister Caroline was admitted just before Christmas 2014. We had visited some weeks before and it was a very positive atmosphere, environment and the staff supportive. The staff were fantastic once her condition worsened and informative and supportive. Sadly she lost he fight for life mid January and as much as we really hurt, her passing was helped immensely by under­standing and compas­si­onate staff. Our heartfelt thanks, at a difficult time in all our lives.
9th Dec 2014, 23:29
parter/full time carer
my partner john go's in2 the hospice 2morrow for medication review n reading the comments etc i know he will b in good safe hands i just pray with all my heart he comes home x
8th Oct 2014, 19:45
Cheryl Schofield
My dad first went into the hospice for pain management but when it came the time to come home, he just wasn't strong enough.
Before he become too ill he commented that going into the hospice was the best thing he had done. It allowed my mum to become his wife again rather than his carer.
I cannot sing the praises of ALL the staff at the hospice highly enough. Nothing was ever too much trouble and his stay allowed him to die pain free and with dignity.
The word "hospice" is closely associated with dying and many people, like my dad, are reluctant to stay as it involves some acceptance of their condition and what the future holds. If he was here now he would tell you not to be afraid, it is a wonderful place and not somewhere to fear.
8th Oct 2014, 15:06
My son died at the hospice aged 19 on 3rd January 2010,the hospice to my son was his second home , all staff, doctors where fantastic, he was treated with the utmost respect and the cook's food in his words was unbe­li­evable.

Thanks to all of you! !!

Dan's mum XX