East Lancashire Hospice

Colin Whitcombe & Sons Jewellers

One of Hyndburn’s longest running independent businesses enjoyed a welcome surprise as they celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Colin Whitcombe’s & Sons began trading on Warner Street in Accrington on August 1, 1981, and the family is still well and truly at the helm today.

Originally opened by Colin and Sheila Whitcombe, the former Little Clock Shoppe is now run by sons Tim and Andy - with help from brother Stephen. They stock a wide range of jewellery and watches, and specialise in repairs.


Why is your business a supporter of East Lancashire Hospice?

Colin Whitcombe Jewellers wanted to be involved in a local charity. East Lancashire hospice is our local hospice and we are staggered that they have to raise over 3 million every year to keep the services going, we thought that they were funded by the NHS and government. This is a vital service to our communities and they need our support, they offer so much more than just end of life care.

What does being an Enterprise Hero mean to you?

East Lancashire Hospice is a charity that means a lot to the Thind Family. Bob Thind was a very close friend of ours and his family chose East Lancashire hospice as one of the charities that meant a lot to Bob and began raising money in his memory.

Being an enterprise hero is a fitting tribute to a great man, father and friend.

Why should other Companies become an Enterprise Hero?

It’s a £1.00 a day that’s less that a McDonalds Coffee, each small gesture helps - and it really does! ELH are so thankful for all contributions no matter how large or small! Support your local charity, I've not met many charities like ELH. They are amazing and selfless.

You can find Colin Whitcombe & Sons here on Facebook to find out more.