East Lancashire Hospice

Inpatient Unit

inpatient facilities

Our Inpatient Unit is bright and airy and has ten individual bedrooms with direct garden or courtyard access.  There is no set routine at the hospice and we encourage you to decide what you want to do and when.  This means that as far as possible you can keep the routines you have at home.  You can choose to relax in the gardens or the bright lounge area or in the privacy of your own room.

Each of the ten bedrooms on the Inpatient Unit is spacious and light with television and en-suite facilities.  The height and position of the beds can be adjusted to help you remain as independent and comfortable as possible.  Free Wi-Fi is also available to patients and visitors in the Inpatient Unit and throughout the hospice, making it easier to stay connected during your stay with us.

You can be referred to us through your GP or the healthcare professional involved in your care.  This might be for management of uncontrolled or difficult to deal with physical or psycho­logical symptoms/­problems and end of life care.  Alter­natively, an assessment might be needed or a period of intervention to support you, your family or those important to you to be able to manage when you return home.

Out nurses and health care assistants are available 24 hours a day and work in two teams to try and provide as much continuity as possible during your stay with us.  The medical team consists of experienced hospice physicians led by our Medical Director and are also supported by specialist palliative care consultants.  A range of support services are available within the hospice and may contribute to your care whilst you are with us.  These include for example Physi­ot­herapy, Comple­men­tary Therapy, Creative and Support Therapy and Family Support services.

  • Visiting times

Our care extends to family and those important to you; they are welcome to visit you at any time provided that is what you want as there are no fixed visiting times. There may be times that you ask for limited visits from family and friends; we would respect this and ask that your visitors do the same. It is important to know that we are a no smoking hospice; we ask that visitors respect this and do not smoke inside the hospice or in the grounds.

  • Access for visitors

Access Monday to Friday 08.00 – 17.00 visitors is via the hospice main doors. After 17.00 until 08.00 and at weekends/­Bank Holidays entry is by the side entrance to the left of the main reception (as you are facing it). Follow the path and use the steps or ramp to reach the side doors. Use the call system on the wall to the right of the doors ensuring you have your face to the call-system clearly identify who you are and who you are visiting

  • Facilities for visitors

A relaxing lounge area is available within the Inpatient Unit for use by visitors and those important to you. There is a hot drinks machine with a range of low cost drink options and a cold water machine. A snack machine is also available near the entrance to the Inpatient Unit.

  • Seating within each bedroom is available.  Where visitors are staying at the hospice overnight facilities for use during this time can be discussed with the shift coordinator.
  • Café Retreat with a range of seating/­table options is open from 08.00 and serves a range of breakfast items, snacks, meals and specials.  Unfor­tunately, food brought into the hospice cannot be heated.

For any more information please do call the Inpatient Unit on 01254 287003.