East Lancashire Hospice

No Gift Statement

No Gift Position Statement

East Lancashire Hospice operates a No Gift Policy, which means that individual members of staff and volunteers are unable to accept any gifts regardless of the item being given.  Every one of the hospice team contributes to providing care for patients and their families and any gifts received will be shared with all staff and volunteers, alternatively, these may be used in a raffle to raise funds for the hospice.

Whilst we are very grateful for all the gifts we receive and understand it is a gesture of kindness and appreciation, the thing we truly need is the pennies and pounds to ensure we can continue to offer our services for future patients and their families.

Therefore, we ask should you wish to show your appreciation and are thinking about a gift please consider making a monetary donation instead no matter how small.  You would be helping us to ensure we can continue to provide our services in the future.  

Every penny really does count.  

Thank You from all of the staff at East Lancashire Hospice