East Lancashire Hospice


Nybble is a leading Managed IT Support company, with years of experience in IT Solutions, Education ICT, DealershipRam - Nybble Software and much more. Nybble supply and support the latest technology to a wide range of organisations nationwide, including both the public and private sector environments. 

Why is your business a supporter of East Lancashire Hospice?

 We believe in the verb charity and giving is a big part of our business.  The gift of giving is for the giver and when you align your giving with the east lancs hospice, you help a team of people who work tirelessly to help those that are ill and their families through the worst times of their life.  Critical illness care is a service anyone can need and ours is just a small contribution towards its £11,000 per day that’s needed to sustain its facilities. A natural choice for us. 

 What does being an Enterprise Hero mean to you?

Enterprise is where you do business to make a profit and you can’t be a hero by filling your own pockets.  Being an enterprise hero means we are adopting the full values of environment social governance and contributing to a cause that supports those people transition from this world to their future journey.  

 Why should other Companies become an Enterprise Hero?

There’s always something you can do.  If you are a business that takes its giving seriously and wants to make a valuable  contribution to a worthy cause then being an enterprise hero will give you not only fulfilment, it will provide networking opportunities and opportunities to meet others of a similar mindset.  It’s a small price to pay for such a big reward.  

For further information about Nybble and how they can support you, please visit -  https://­nybble.­co.­uk/