East Lancashire Hospice

Wepa Productions UK

wepa enterpriseStar Tissue was Established in 2003 with the aim of becoming a world-class manufacturer of hygiene paper products. 

In 2019, Star Tissue caught the attention of WEPA, a leading European manufacturer of hygiene paper products, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Recognizing a shared ethos in prioritizing environmental responsibility and maintaining a family-owned business culture, WEPA embarked on a journey to acquire Star Tissue officially in 2024. This union marked a significant milestone, blending the heritage and expertise of Star Tissue with the expanded reach and progressive vision of WEPA.

Why is your business a supporter of East Lancashire Hospice?

Our business is a supporter of East Lancashire Hospice because we’re a strong believer in the work they do and we’re always looking to support local organisations. We have supported the hospice for many years with various fundraising activties and exctied to now be an Enterprise Hero!

What does being an Enterprise Hero mean to you?

Being an Enterprise Hero for us means to carry out our foundational principles and values that led us to become a successful business and sharing that success within our community.

Why should other companies become an Enterprise Hero?

We believe other companies should become Enterprise Heroes as it’s a brilliant way to support the East Lancashire Hospice and allow them to continue helping those in need.

For further information about Wepa and how they can support you, please visit https://­www.­startissueuk.­co.­uk/