East Lancashire Hospice

The Little Lancashire Village

The Little Lancashire Village is a family run business operating across 3 sites in Lancashire (Burnley, Darwen and Rawtenstall). They are children's roleplay centres with a variety of shops and job roles to inspire and allow children to get into character, to engage with other children, learn to socialise and share all whilst acting out real life roles.

Why is your business a supporter of East Lancashire Hospice?
After being invited to the hospice and meeting with Marisa, we couldn't believe the range of services that the hospice offers and how much of a beautiful place it is! From the building, to the staff, volunteers and ethos- it truly is a very special place. 

What does being an Enterprise Hero mean to you?
The hospice and it's team are a true asset to our local community and we are proud to be able to support it so that they can continue for many years to come supporting the families in our local area with the best care possible. 

Why should other companies become an Enterprise Hero?
The hospice has to secure a large amount of funding themselves every year to be able to continue providing the care they have for the past 40 years. We want East Lancashire Hospice to be around for future generations and the only way to ensure this is by supporting them! 

You can find out more about The Little Lancashire Village here.