East Lancashire Hospice

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Since 1997, Site Surveying Services has grown alongside the dynamic surveying industry. Our use of cutting-edge techniques and technology ensures consistent delivery of high-quality surveys, prioritising exceptional customer service.

Why is your business a supporter of East Lancashire Hospice?

The East Lancs Hospice is a fantastic charity that offers the care and support that unfortunately many need now and a lot of us may need in the future. It's a vital space that makes being uncomfortable around end of life care, comfortable or at least as comfortable as possible. Having met several members of the team, it's clear that every single one of them cares beyond comprehension, going above and beyond the call of duty every single day.

What does being an Enterprise Hero mean to you?

I'm very surprised and honoured to become an Enterprise Hero. I personally don't see helping & supporting East Lancs Hospice as charity work or just a tick box. I see it as a thank you to them for everything they do for everybody else that needs their services and support.  

Why should other Companies become an Enterprise Hero?

I am a really busy person, especially in the workplace. But, it doesn't take much time or effort to either put aside some time to help the East Lancs Hospice regardless of how busy you are. To nick a Tesco's catchphrase, every little helps - and it really does! ELH are so grateful for contributions or time no matter how large or small! If you are thinking about supporting a charity, I've not met many like ELH. They're awesome!

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