East Lancashire Hospice

Gift Aid your goods donations

We are now able to claim Gift Aid on donations made to our shops which means that your donation can be worth even more to East Lancashire Hospice.

What it Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is the scheme which enables charities to reclaim 25% from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on the sale of donated goods. Through this scheme, East Lancashire Hospice is able to claim and additional 25p in every £1 on goods donated and sold through our shops*.

Why sign up for Gift Aid in our shops?

Gift Aid helps your donations go even further and raise even more vital funds for the hospice at no extra cost to you. For example if the goods you donate are sold for £10 they are worth an extra £2.50 if you sign up to Gift Aid.

Who can sign up for Gift Aid?

Anyone who pays tax in the UK which is at least equal to the amount we will reclaim from the relevant tax year. The tax paid on income could be from your employment, self-employment, pensions, investments, rental income or savings interest. For more information, please visit HMRC website: http://­www.­hmrc.­gov.­uk/­individuals/­giving/­gift-aid.htm

How to sign up for Gift Aid

The next time you visit our Furniture Store or any of our shops* or request donations to be collected please ask to sign up to Gift Aid. The only information we require is your full name and home address, including postcode. This declaration is only required once. You will be confirming that you wish East Lancashire Hospice to act as your agent in selling your donated goods. Periodically we will write to inform you how much your donations have raised for the hospice and that you are happy for us to claim Gift Aid on the amount. Please inform us of any change in your name/address or if you stop paying tax so we can update our records.

*this operates in our Furniture Store and all our shops