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Parkinson's case study

East Lancashire Hospice cares for people in Blackburn, Darwen,Hyndburn and Ribble Valley areas.

We can help and provide information for people with life-limiting conditions from cancer to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) and from dementia to Parkinson's.

The support we offer comes in many forms; physiotherapy, stays in our inpatient unit for things like symptom control, complementary therapy, offering services in the community in people's own homes, Creative and Support Therapy groups, counselling and bereavement support.

To give you an idea of the support we offer people suffering from Parkinson's Disease, read Audrey's story below:

Name: Audrey Fielding

What condition do you have? Parkinson's Disease

What town do you live in?: Darwen

What does your condition stop you from doing on a daily basis? I don’t sleep well and shake more than I used to because of Parkinson's. I can’t do much cooking as I struggle to reach up for things. I used to go hiking a lot and dancing 5 times a week but I’m unable to do those things now. I have meals delivered at home and have a cleaner and carer who visit.

When the hospice was first suggested to you, how did you feel? My sister was a nurse on the inpatient unit so she suggested it to me. I went along and found it welcoming and cheerful.

What does East Lancashire Hospice do to help you? I attend Creative and Support Therapies one day a week which keeps me independent and in control.

How have your symptoms been improved with help from the hospice? I would feel isolated without the hospice. I’ve been able to do some things for myself and have learned new techniques like scarf tying, baking cakes and biscuits, sewing, jewellery-making and drawing and painting. Many of these things I wouldn’t be able to do at home so it gives me the safe place to try them out with help at hand. Although they can’t take my symptoms away, I look forward to my weekly visits to East Lancashire Hospice.

How do you feel looking forward knowing the hospice is there for you? I can look forward with confidence. If the time comes that I need more help from the hospice I would gladly take it because I feel safe here.

What would you say to anyone with your condition that currently doesn’t use the hospice? I would advise anyone to come and have a look, meet the other people who come here and see if it’s for you. Don’t make your mind up until you’ve seen it for yourself.

  • If you suffer from Parkinson's Disease and would like to know if the hospice can help you, please call 01254 965830.

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