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Make your donation worth more - gift aid it!

Are you a UK tax payer?

If the answer is yes, by just agreeing to allow us to claim tax on your behalf and supplying us with you name, home address and signature, you will be increasing your donation by an extra 25%. - that’s £2.50 for every £10 that is donated.

Gift Aid makes a huge difference to your donation and is the only time you can tell the tax man what you would like to do with the tax you pay!

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Gift aid your donation

In order for us to claim gift aid from HMRC we need the following information from you:

Your agreement that you pay an equal amount of tax to the amount that we are claiming during the tax year (6th April – 5thApril.) For example, if you are making a donation of £100 you would need to pay tax during the whole of the year equal to the £25 that we will be claiming on your behalf.

Your title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr.) forename, surname, full home address including postcode and a tick against the relevant box on the gift aid form.

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Gift aiding on sponsor forms

In order for us to claim gift aid on your sponsor form we need:

  • Your title, first and last name and home address including postcode
  • Your sponsor's title, full name and home address including postcode

It’s as simple at that! Thank you for helping us to raise extra funds on your behalf

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