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Accrington pupils help our sunflower celebration bloom

An Accrington school have jumped on board to help grow our sea of celebration sunflowers.

St Anne’s and St Joseph’s Primary in Sandy Lane, Accrington joined our annual sunflower appeal which this year has a celebration theme.

The school was given sunflower seeds to plant in the school garden which will be looked after by the pupils until they bloom over the Summer holidays. They will also write poems about sunflowers with a selection being chosen to be read out or displayed at the celebration event at the hospice in August.

The appeal is open to anyone to dedicate a sunflower plaque. The person does not need to have had any contact with the hospice. Supporters are also invited to take their sunflower plaque to the hospice for the celebration event on August 20 where it will be planted in the hospice gardens for 1 month.

Headteacher Darren Mussell said: “As a school community, we have had several staff fight cancer and I have also been affected personally, losing my Grandma four years ago. We want to teach our children more than just how to read and write or add up numbers.  We want to help them grow into people that care for each other and the world around them and the sunflower appeal fits in perfectly with that vision.  Through us educating the children about places like the hospice, we can help them reach out to others less fortunate than themselves.  We will be ending our half term with a yellow non-uniform day to raise as much money as we can to support the work of the hospice.”

The sunflower celebration event is open to all who make a sunflower donation this year. It takes place at the hospice on Park Lee Road on Saturday 20 August from 1pm. 

Make your sunflower donation now.

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