East Lancashire Hospice

5 things to do with your new #firstfiver

Everyone is trying to get hold of their #firstfiver as the new £5 banknotes are released. What could you do with yours? Here's our top 5!

1. Make a paper aeroplane - just hope it doesn't fly too far! 

2. Treat yourself to a morning coffee - you'll be buzzing 'til lunchtime

3. A couple of lottery tickets - have you checked your odds of a win?

4. Watch your favourite team - but it will probably cost a lot more than that!

5. Make a difference to patients in your area with life-limiting illnesses. There are loads of different ways of making your donation to the hospice so you don't need to give up your new fiver to donate. 

For more information call the fundraising team on 01254 287012.

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