Healthcare Pro­­fes­­si­­ona­­ls (referral forms)

Download a referral form.

Referral are accepted for any of the following reasons:

  • Patients with progressive disease of any cause who have complex pain and/or symptom control issues
  • The patient and/or their carer has psychological and/or spiritual or social needs
  • The patient needs end of life care (this encompasses a range of needs and timescales - from those patients thought to be in their lasty year of life eg support for advance care planning to those of patients in their last hours/days of life)

Referrals are accepted from senior healthcare professionals including hospital doctors, GPs, district nurses, specialist nurses (all specialities), ward nurses, nursing home matrons, community matrons.

For support and wellbeing services, clients may refer themselves.

Download a referral form.

If you are completing a Hospice at Home referral you also need to download and complete a Hospice at Home risk assesssment form.