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Surprise Surprise!

Surprise Surprise!

Jean Proctor was the lucky winner of the East Lancashire Hospice Lottery rollover this weekend and is looking at an unexpected bonus of £1000.

Jean from Blackburn is well aware of the importance of the hospice. As a retired nurse, she watched as the hospice was built under the careful hands of Dr Merton Seigleman in the 1980s, so naturally signed up for our Lottery around two years ago.

“I know it is a worthy cause. I have kept a loose change box for quite a few years. I know how important every penny is to the hospice.” She added. “I would encourage everyone to sign up for the lottery and help the hospice.”

Jean 74, has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease so the winnings have come as a lovely surprise.

When asked how she would spend the money she was pleased to tell me that her new bathroom would now be paid for.

East Lancashire Hospice are always grateful for the support offered by our community. Gabrielle Williamson Marketing Coordinator commented, “It is thanks to people like Jean who allow us to continue to offer the services envisioned by Dr Siegleman. We need to raise £4 million this year, and the lottery helps to bring in those much needed funds”

You can help too by signing up for the lottery on Lottery (eastla­nc­shos­pice.­org.­uk)

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