East Lancashire Hospice

Fairy Houses

Take a walk through our mystical garden, the fairies that live there won’t mind.Butterfly Grove

They won’t even bother what it is you might find.

But please be careful where you tread, some might be sleeping all tucked up in bed.

Cozy CabinSo quietly walk to the secret places, there are many you see all with names and some with faces. 

You will come across Day Dream Den but don't stop too long you might waken them.Daisy Nest

Look hard in the distance towards Tip Toe View, where you might see lots of fairies dancing all dressed in blue.

Leafy Cottage is not too far, but I’m sure they have all gone out for a ride in the car.

Day Dream Den

Sunny Lodge is a great sight to see, it’s all painted gold and brown - they might let you in if you’re wearing a crown.

Don't worry about the nettles, weeds, or bugs because Daisy Nest is where we get the biggest hugs. 

Watch out for butterfly's flying around they settle on Butterfly Grove where they live safe and sound.

You will see rabbits running all over the place, they live in Rabbit Hall - they are all very small and not very tall.

In the next house they are making such a din, but its name will tell you there’s Nobody InnSunny Lodge

When you need to stop to take a rest, go to Cosy Cabin they will do their best, you can sit down upon the grass, and your tiredness will soon pass.

Don't dare fall asleep to the humming sound it just the fairies in Bumble House that live very close to the ground. Its cleaning day and they’re as busy as bees scrubbing floors on their hands and knees.

Toadstool PlaceNow you are rested its time to go it won’t take long to find Leap Log Row this is where tiny frogs love to run to and fro.

There's mushrooms and shrubs swaying in the wind where you will see Toadstool Place -but don't touch!

You might end up with a very red face. 

We are near to the end of our magical tour only one more house to find. It’s Flower Pot Hill all quiet and still.

The fairies watch you as you walk away; it’s good to have visitors you can hear them say, 

Tip Toe ViewWe hope you take care in every garden you may go, please just think of us fairies that live in houses down below.

You have seen some of our fairy houses. They nestle deeply within

CaST Members are so very creative .The've made homes for fairies to live in

houses tree againBut where are the houses all hidden? Behind the hospice walls.

Is there a map to follow? So we can visit with them all?

Watch this space for more information, you will be told more in time to come

If children are visiting patients, the fairies will invite you for fun.

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