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 Café Retreat is looking for new chef to join the team

Since reopening to the public in August 2021 Café Retreat has continued to grow its essential services, providing nutritional care to patients in the Inpatient Units and also to visitors to the Café which is based in the grounds of East Lancashire Hospice. At present the Café is open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 2pm, and with further recruitment, they wish to open more.

In addition to this, Café Retreat is offering outside catering for events and celebrations, an aspect of the business which is also proving to be successful.

Chef Lee Hyatt commented, “When the hospice extended and Café Retreat was opened in October 2018, the intention was to allow the business to grow naturally, and to take its own shape. We wanted somewhere for everyone to feel they could be comfortable when visiting

“We have always had a view to support the local community, where they feel they are always welcome. We know we have succeeded in this because we are now looking to extend our provision.”

Café Retreat is lucky that a number of staff are volunteers. This is because they understand proceeds from Café Retreat goes to the support of patients and their families at the hospice. As a busy operation caring for patients and their families, this support is invaluable.

Lee clarified: “We have six staff who support Café Retreat as chefs, front of house and as assistants, and a further seven volunteers. Everyone knows why we work as a team; which is to support the hospice and our patients seven days a week.”

As a tightly knit team, Lee is looking for the right person to join them. “They will ideally come from a catering background, however further training will be given to the right person who shares our vision of excellence and patient centred care.”

For more information visit https://­eastla­nc­shos­pice.­org.­uk/­chef or ring Café Retreat on 01254 965879

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