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Star Wars Fan Fun Day

The Star Wars Fan Fun Day took place at Blackburn’s Ewood Park Football Ground this year and generates an enormous amount of money for East Lancashire Hospice. Doors opened from 10.30am on Sunday 8th May until 4.00pm.

The Star Wars Fan Fun Day had moved to the Blackburn Football ground, at Ewood Park after many years at the Burnley Football Ground. The event has been running since 2008 and while the Covid pause has not allowed it to run for the last two years, it is with us once again.

The organisers have successfully raised over £27,000 for the East Lancashire Hospice so far, and expect to make a significant difference again this year.

Neil Livsey, organiser of the event said on sunday: “We have sold over 700 tickets online so far, and are hopeful that the day trippers will increase the number still further”. Online tickets are no longer available but entrance on the day is still available at £15.

For avid Star Wars fans, it’s a big day on the calendar. The organisers had secured sixteen actors from the film franchise who sat down on Saturday night for a pre booked dinner with fans, offering a silent auction of film memorabilia, which is expected to raise even more money.

On Sunday, there were over twenty stalls including a tombola stall set up with Star Wars items on behalf of the East Lancashire Hospice; characters from the films in full outfits; props visitors can have photos with and signed autographs with their favourite characters and stars. You could even take part in the Shoot theTrooper – an opportunity to shoot at Storm Troopers!

The event took place in the Premier Suite and the main concourse at Ewood Park and was a great day out for avid fans and interested parties alike with over a thousand people attending

You can read more about the event from the ITV news coverage

'The Force' is strong in Blackburn as Star Wars fans gather for fundraiser | ITV News Granada

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