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Name : Caroline Shaw

Job Title : Volunteer Admin Assistant within the Community Team

What does your role involve?

I help with lots of general admin duties such as printing, photocopying, compiling information packs for patients, ordering supplies, archiving and looking for efficiencies within the department.

How did you get the experience to do the role you do now?

When I started volunteering, I didn’t know much about the community services department. It was only when the team came to visit my parents when my dad, Tom Dickinson, was ill that I found out more about the services they offer.

My dad passed away in September 2014 here at the hospice and at the time I said I wanted to volunteer when I felt strong enough. Initially I wanted to help on reception, but the community role was much more ‘me’.

I have been a civil servant for 30 years and I am experienced using computers. I felt I could use my skills helping with day to day admin work to free up the community team’s time.

What time do you start and finish work each day typically?

I live in Lytham and travel to East Lancashire Hospice every Friday where I volunteer between 8.30am and 12.30pm, and then meet up with my mum who still lives in Blackburn.

I work as an Executive Officer at the Child Support Agency four days a week. I’m hoping to partially retire when I’m 50 next year and then I’d like to help out another day at the hospice.

I know I don’t have to pay anything back for my dad’s care, but we were so lucky that there was a bed available. The thought of the hospice not being there for other families is terrifying.

What’s the best thing about volunteering for the hospice?

I am helping the team with the admin so they can do the job they are trained and skilled to do. I can do the admin job, but I can’t do theirs.

Me and my family have done a lot of fundraising for the hospice in memory of my dad – like my husband running the New York Marathon and me and my daughter Lois running the last 5k with him.

Me and a team of family and friends, who call ourselves Tom’s Amy, are also taking part in this year’s Bubble Rush. I am determined to pay back the equivalent of my dad’s care to ensure the hospice is there for everyone else.


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