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A patient's story - Ann Young

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Ann Young was very much a family person, mum to three children; Laura, Carl and Mark, she lived for her 4 grandchildren and her 4 great grandchildren. 

Originally from Darwen, Ann was retired and prior to becoming unwell she had a challenging couple of years shielding throughout the pandemic. 

After a short period in hospital, Ann was admitted with a cancer diagnosis to East Lancashire Hospice on 17th November 2021 where she spent a period of 5 weeks on the Inpatient Unit before passing away peacefully on 27th December 2021.  

Ann’s daughter remembers how Ann was ‘so happy to get into the hospice’ and that she and their family found it to have a very homely feel and not at all clinical.  Laura added “We loved how we could make her room homely with photos, her own lamp etc and how we didn’t feel at all restricted, many nights we would even order a takeaway and watch coronation Street just like we did at home!”Ann Young Image 2

Laura described how despite the difficult circumstances, the family had a lovey Christmas at the hospice and that the staff were an absolute pleasure to deal with.  She recalls how all of the Great Grandchildren were able to come to visit Ann and when they did, staff wheeled her into the Family Lounge so that they could play at her feet with their trains, dance and read books together.  On Christmas Day Laura’s partner even dressed up as Father Christmas and visited all of the other patients on the Inpatient Unit.  During her time at East Lancashire Hospice, Ann was also able to spend time with two other special people in her life, her niece Emily and best friend Tracey.  

Ann Young Image 7Mum was very fond of all the staff at the hospice, but had a particular soft spot for Sylvia, one of the volunteers on the Inpatient Unit.  On Christmas Day when a Brass Band came to the hospice to play for all of the patients and their families, Slyvia asked them to play outside Ann’s room where they danced together.

When asked what the hospice care meant to her and her family, Laura said “The care that mum received from the Doctors and Nurses at the hospice was unbelievable, it was something else.  Mum being at the hospice allowed us to be there for her and each other as a family, it was a beautiful experience.  The Staff kept us up to date at all times and let us know every step of the way what was happening.  Mum was scared of dying and I remember one of the nurses sitting with her all night to comfort her.  It would not have been possible for us to care for mum on our own, we are in debt to the hospice forever for their outstanding care.  We honestly can't thank the staff enough. It takes a special person to be able to do the jobs they do, they started to feel like a second family”.

In support of the hospice and the care that Ann’s family received during her stay, Ann’s son Carl has set up a JustGiving page to raise funds for the hospice. 

If you would like to make a donation please visit https://­www.­justgiving.­com/­fundraising/­cyoung12

For further information on how you can support East Lancashire Hospice or to make a donation please visit www.­eastla­nc­shos­pice.­org.­uk or call our Fundraising Team on (01254) 287011

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