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Capita team gets green fingered

Staff from Capita rolled up their sleeves to undertake voluntary work at the hospice as part of their ‘Go Local’ campaign.

Team Gardening

Capita have a nationwide 'Go Local' campaign which encourages employees to volunteer for a day in their local community.

Six of the PCSE Business Assurance team at Capita spent a day at the hospice and got their hands dirty in our beautiful hospice garden. It was a wet and dreary day, but that didn’t stop them! They even helped out with some maintenance jobs too.

Gardening 3

Gardening 4

Gardening 9

The team said they enjoyed giving something back to the community and realised just how important and beneficial volunteering can be. The experience provided the team with an understanding of the hospice philosophy and services available.

It changed their perception of the hospice too, as one employee commented: "My initial perception, prior to the visit, is that it would be a smaller hospital-type environment with a sense of negativity due to the nature of a hospice. This was not the case! The hospice was a bright, positive and generally lovely place to be which includes the building, grounds and people. This has opened my eyes to the types of activities that I, and the community, should actively support."

Another said: “I now have a greater understanding of the role of the hospice, the benefit it plays to individuals, families and the community. In addition, I now understand the financial challenges that exist for a hospice to be able to provide their valuable services. At the end of the volunteering day I had a feeling that I had been able to help the hospice and its service users even if it was a relatively small amount of help. That was a good feeling, and actually helped put everything into context.  I actually felt as though my work-related concerns reduced as a result of being in a lovely setting with a different positive focus.  It was also great to speak to numerous staff and volunteers to understand their passion and connections with the hospice.” 

If you’d like to lend a helping hand, then please view our latest volunteer vacancies here.  

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