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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words


An amateur artist has offered to paint portraits of loved ones who have died in exchange for a donation to the hospice.

Allan Poyner and his wife Sue volunteered at the hospice for the last nine years since the death of their niece Natalie Weisters, 33. Earlier this year, Sue was diagnosed with bowel cancer and sadly passed away in September.

To help him get through his grief, Allan picked up his brushes and completed an oil painting of his wife of 46-years.

Allan, 72, from Blackburn, has now offered to paint portraits of other people’s loved ones in exchange for a donation to the hospice.

He said: “We formed the Fun-raisers group and have raised thousands for the hospice over the years.

“When Sue was diagnosed we were devastated and the cancer was aggressive. She spent less than a week at the hospice before she died. They were brilliant with her, just as they were with Natalie.

“It was therapeutic for me doing the portrait. It captures her personality on canvas. It feels like part of her is still with me. This is my way of saying thank you to the hospice.”

If people have lost of a loved one and want a portrait doing, if they give me a photograph I will try and do a good job.

Each portrait is painted on a canvas measuring 10” by 14” and takes over 20 hours to complete.

Allan is currently working on his first commissioned piece after a family member saw his portrait of Sue.

The talented man took up painting after he retired seven years ago. The formed industrial chemist still attends art classes in Sawley.

For more information, contact us on 01254 287 010.

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