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Hospice Hunks

Our Hospice Hunks got together to pose for the new East Lancashire Hospice 2023 Calendar this week.

Eight brave chaps have agreed to show more flesh than is natural in October to raise funds for the hospice. All have links with the hospice and whilst some may have been bullied and blackmailed into taking part, they all agreed to the session for one main reason. To raise money for the hospice.

Our Head of Catering Lee, Kevin, who works front of house for Café Retreat, two of our clinical staff, Ian and Michael, and our Maintenance Co-ordinator Ricky were amongst the brave. They were joined by a patient’s son Peter, and Ashley and Tim, relatives of another member of staff who were coerced to take part, but who have also seen the hospice care for family members.

They may have agreed for different reasons, but Peter Smith’s “I got my bum out to support my Mum” captured the spirit, - his mum still uses the services, and posed for the 2020 East Lancashire Hospice Calendar Girls, although Ashley confessed his arm was well and truly twisted by his partner!

All of them agreed to take part to raise money for the hospice, have no experience at all but found the session fun to take part. Ricky only wished he was twenty years younger.

Our newest Health Care Assistant Ian Livesey only joined the hospice ten weeks ago, but agreed to support the project, knowing it would raise much needed funds for the hospice, whilst Tim, brother in law to a member of staff was heard saying he was looking forward to taking his clothes off, although added people were to look, don’t touch.

These gentlemen have had to gird their loins and strip to pose for each month of the year and the photos are fantastic, capturing the humour of the session, and the good nature of the guys taking part. Whether Vogue will be ringing to offer them a modelling career may be unlikely, but they all agreed they would do it all again next week if asked.

The calendar will be available to purchase from East Lancashire Hospice. To place your order, please ring 01254 965875.

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