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Raring to Glow entrant completes walk 3 weeks early

While most walkers are gearing up for the Raring to Glow event, one supporter has already completed the 7 mile route!

A former cancer-sufferer from Oswaldtwistle completed the Raring to Glow walk more than 3 weeks early – when she realised she would be on holiday when it takes place.

Sixty-nine year old Carol Ratcliffe has completed the East Lancashire Hospice Starlight Walk twice before, one of those was just months after major surgery to remove cancer found in her bowel discovered during a routine screening.

This year she discovered she was on holiday when she received her registration pack – but was determined to do the walk as family and friends had already pledged sponsorship money. So Carol and her husband Michael, a retired vicar walked the exact route – following the hospice directions to complete the 7 mile circular. They started from their home in Stanhill Road which is on the route. To complete the feeling of doing the hospice walk, the couple even made sausage sandwiches as a well-deserved supper, just like the Raring to Glow participants will receive.

Carol, who works as a practice manager said: “When I realised I couldn’t make the date, I didn’t want to miss it. I decided I would do the walk anyway and decided on a Friday evening. I set off from my house which is on the new route with my husband Michael and we kept going all the way. We were excited about doing it and chatted all the way round which kept me going. When we got to the bottom of the hill at Shadsworth it looked quite steep, but we just took a deep breath and went for it! I always enjoy the hospice walks as it feels good to be walking for a purpose.”

She added that although she and her husband haven’t needed hospice care, they are aware of many that have: “Having worked in Pathology for 36 years in a hospital setting, I feel the need for the hospice. We’ve had friends that have passed away there. I doesn’t matter a person’s faith, or what money they have, the hospice exists to care for those who need it. It’s such an important place and so peaceful. It’s an asset for this area.”

But Carol has a routine bowel cancer screening programme to thank for her being able to complete the walks. After signing up for the Starlight Walk in 2013, she was diagnosed after her third routine screen and had no symptoms. She underwent a 5 hour operation and is under now under 5 year review after the successful procedure.

Walk in Carol’s footsteps on 4 July and join the hundreds of ladies who will light up the night in aid of the hospice.

Click here to sign up now – the £10 registration ends this Friday. 

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