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Carole Knowles

Carole Knowles

Carole Knowles - Supporter 


Carole Knowles, founder of Carole’s Charity Corner in Knuzden, Blackburn, began her journey with East Lancashire Hospice in July 2021. Her involvement started when her friends opened an indoor car boot, Carole took the first stall, selling items for 50p each to raise funds for East Lancashire Hospice. This humble beginning marked the start of Carole’s Charity Corner, which now thrives as a Facebook page and group, selling her handcrafted items alongside new and used donations. 

One of Carole’s proudest moments came in August 2021 when she handed over her first cheque of £215.00 to the hospice. This initial success fueled her passion, encouraging her to reach a fundraising milestone of £10,000.00 in December 2023. Each contribution, no matter how small, has been a testament to her dedication. 

Carole takes immense pride in supporting East Lancashire Hospice. Her handcrafted steampunk and costume jewellery, along with tabletop sales, have made significant contributions to the hospice. Even after her early retirement in June 2024, she plans to continue fundraising whenever she is in the country. 

Personally, Carole’s involvement with the hospice has been fulfilling yet demanding. Balancing a full-time job with car boot and tabletop sales keeps her busy, especially during the summer when she enjoys meeting supportive people at various events. 

“The Hospice not only cares for the service users but also their families, to help everyone through the difficult times of their lives. Caring is key, which they have in abundance,” she says, embracing the spirit that drives her ongoing dedication to the cause.