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Carol Swindells

Carol Swindells

Carol Swindells - Physiotherapy Assistant 

Carol Swindells, currently a Physiotherapy Assistant at East Lancashire Hospice, began her association with the hospice in 1997 and has been an integral part of the hospice's evolution. 

Carol's journey with East Lancashire Hospice started when she was a Senior Community Physiotherapist for the local acute trust. The hospice fell into her designated area, and Dr. Seigleman and his team soon recognised the value of rehabilitation. They initially funded five hours a week for Carol's services, sparking her passion for palliative care. By 2000, the hospice offered her a full-time role, and she developed the physiotherapy services, eventually earning the title of a Clinical Specialist in Palliative Care. 

In 2014 Carol returned to work at East Lancashire Hospice as Head of Support and Wellbeing Services. She continued in this role until 2022 when she decided to step down but was offered a new role giving her the opportunity to enjoy a new work life balance. Despite this, she missed direct patient contact and, inspired by Rachel, the Physi­ot­he­rapist, she took on a part-time role as a Physiotherapy Assistant, feeling fortunate to end her career in a place that kept drawing her back. 

Carol’s proudest achievements include the development of services, helping the hospice navigate the challenges of COVID-19, and fostering strong working relationships. One unique and light-hearted achievement she recalls is establishing the therapeutic value of ‘Fancy Dress’ and is often seen dressed in a fancy dress costume! 

Significant memories for Carol include the unwavering support from patients, families, and colleagues, and being honoured to unveil the results of the last CQC inspection, where the hospice received an outstanding rating. Palliative care has been her professional life’s passion, and her involvement with the hospice has deeply impacted her both personally and professionally. Her children grew up immersed in the hospice environment, sharing in both the joyous and challenging times. 

“Caring is key, which East Lancashire Hospice have in abundance and I can’t imagine being anywhere else!" she says, embracing the spirit of the hospice that has defined her remarkable career