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Tom and Jack Mayoh

Tom and Jack Mayoh

Tom and Jack Mayoh - Supporters 

Tom and Jack’s journey with East Lancashire Hospice began when the hospice cared for their mum, Louise, who passed away in July 2018. 

Inspired to give back, Tom and Jack wore shorts to school throughout winter for two consecutive years, raising over £35,000 for the hospice. Their Aunty Laura also contributed by running the London Marathon and participating in various races, bringing the family’s total contribution to over £40,000. 

Their fundraising journey has been marked by memorable moments, including appearing live on Granada Reports twice and winning the BBC Northwest Tonight Christmas Star award. They were also featured on Radio Lancashire twice and received the Radio Lancashire Local Hero award for charity fundraising. 

Supporting East Lancashire Hospice is a source of great pride for Tom and Jack. The hospice provided crucial support after their mum died, and they have seen how the hospice helps other families. This personal connection has driven their commitment to fundraising and advocacy. 

The support they received from the hospice, along with activities in CaST that helped them remember their mum, has profoundly impacted their lives. Talking about their fundraising efforts on TV and radio and meeting other hospice staff and supporters has boosted their confidence and deepened their bond with the hospice community. 

What sets East Lancashire Hospice apart is its personal touch. The hospice provides a comforting environment where families feel their loved ones are being cared for by compassionate and dedicated staff. This personal care and the warm atmosphere make a significant difference to those at the hospice. 

Tom and Jack are honoured to be selected as two of the 40 faces celebrating this milestone anniversary. Reflecting on their involvement, they say, “The hospice feels like an extended family and makes us proud to support such an important, caring part of the community.”