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David Clarke

David Clarke

David Clarke - Supporter 

David Clarke’s journey with the hospice began during a deeply personal and challenging time—when his mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer and spent her final days at East Lancashire Hospice. 

Inspired by the care his mother received, David decided to give back by organising a family day to celebrate his 40th birthday. The event was a huge success and raised £1,800 for the hospice, igniting David’s passion for fundraising. Determined to make a difference, he set a goal to raise £10,000 by undertaking annual challenges. 

David's first trek was to complete the National 3 Peaks Challenge in just 24 hours; the following year, he tackled the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. When COVID-19 restrictions hit, David adapted by creating a 9-hour self-isolation challenge in his conservatory and garden. He alternated between walking on a treadmill, doing step-ups, and a workout every ten minutes for nine hours. 

In subsequent years, David's challenges became increasingly ambitious. He completed the West Highland Way and climbed Ben Nevis in Scotland, followed by the Welsh 3000s—summiting 15 mountains over 3000 feet in under 24 hours. He then revisited the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, completing the circuit three times in three days. Most recently, he completed the Jurassic Coast Walk, covering 103 miles in four days along the stunning southwest coastal path. 

Over the years, David has undertaken seven challenges and organised one family fun day, all contributing towards his goal of raising £30,000 for the hospice. 

David feels immense pride in knowing that his mother would be proud of his efforts. He is committed to raising enough money to ‘settle his mum's bill,’ symbolically covering the costs of the hospice care she received. 

Personally, David feels fortunate to be fit and healthy enough to take on these challenges. What David loves most about the hospice is the calm and peace it provides amidst turmoil and chaos, all wrapped in an atmosphere of love. This sense of tranquillity and support during difficult times is what makes East Lancashire Hospice so special to him.