East Lancashire Hospice

Gaynor Barlow - Head of Inpatient Unit

Name: Gaynor Barlow

Job title: Head of Inpatient Unit

What does your role involve?

I ensure the inpatient unit is run effectively. I manage a team of nurses, healthcare assistants and volunteers. We work together as a team to ensure quality care is delivered to patients and their families.

How did you get the experience to do the role you do now?

My aim has always been to work in palliative care. During my nursing career I have worked within critical care, have been a palliative link nurse, worked on the acute surgical ward and prior to coming to the hospice I was McMillan end of life care facilitator. I also have a degree in palliative care.

What time do you start and finish work each day typically?

Shift patterns vary in my role but I usually start at 7.30am and finish between 5pm and 9pm. I usually work over 5 days.

How do you wind down after a hard day at work?

I love walking my Rottweiler Bailey – I call him my teddy bear! I like to spend time with my husband, children and grand­children too.

What’s the best thing about working for the hospice?

It’s the little things that often make a difference in patients’ and their families’ lives. Being able to meet their wishes gives me great job satis­fac­tion. Within the hospice I find we go the extra mile to achieve this.

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