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Gaynor Barlow

Gaynor Barlow

Gaynor Barlow - Clinical Head of the Inpatient Unit 

Gaynor Barlow, the Clinical Head of the Inpatient Unit, has been a vital part of East Lancashire Hospice for 12 years. 

Her journey began in August 2013 as a Team Leader on the Inpatient Unit, after working as an End-Of-Life Care facilitator for the NHS. Gaynor had always aspired to work in a hospice after her mother passed away when she was just ten years old. Her early experiences shaped her passion for palliative care and her desire to make a difference for other families. 

Within six months of joining, Gaynor transitioned to the role of Head of the Inpatient Unit, where she remained until 2021. She then took on the role of Head of Community Supportive Care and has recently returned as the Clinical Head of the Inpatient Unit. Throughout her time at the hospice, she has worked across various services, always ready to support wherever needed. 

Gaynor’s key respon­sibi­lities include ensuring the provision of safe, responsive patient care and leading her team with a commitment to excellence. She finds pride in the daily acts of care and compassion she witnesses, especially the hospice's achievement of an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the CQC. 

One memorable moment for her was fulfilling a patient’s last wish to see her horses one final time. Another was arranging a Saturday night takeaway for a young man and his friends, creating a space for them to just be mates together. 

The hospice has also supported Gaynor personally, particularly during challenging times when her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and later when her stepmother was admitted for end-of-life care. Professionally, the hospice has helped her develop her skills and knowledge through various university courses, which she has used to improve patient care and service delivery. 

What sets East Lancashire Hospice apart, in her view, is its pursuit of excellence and the seamless integration of various services, all focused on patient-centered care.