East Lancashire Hospice

Louise Baron

Louise Baron

Louise Baron - Kitchen Assistant 

Louise Baron began her journey with East Lancashire Hospice during a college work experience placement in the kitchen. After completing her placement, she applied for the role of Kitchen Assistant. 

Throughout her 21 years at the hospice, Louise has fulfilled her respon­sibi­lities with enthusiasm and dedication. Her key tasks include preparing food, serving evening meals, ensuring a clean working environment and helping at various events. Beyond her kitchen duties, Louise is known for her warm interactions with patients, often going out of her way to chat with them and even participating as a Christmas caroler and singer. 

Louise cherishes every moment she has spent at the hospice. A particularly special memory is the care her father received at the hospice before his passing, which allowed her to reconnect with him. Her grandad also benefited from the hospice’s day care services. Louise is proud of her 21 years of dedicated service and the countless lives she has touched during this time. 

Working at the hospice has profoundly impacted her both personally and professionally. She has developed new skills, made lifelong friends, and become more sociable and interactive. The experience has made her a better person, enriching her life in countless ways. 

Louise has witnessed substantial developments at the hospice. She recalls how it started with a small kitchen, which has now transformed into a busy café. 

For Louise, it’s the people who make the hospice special. When Louise learned she had been selected as one of the 40 faces for the hospice’s commemorative book, she felt over the moon and incredibly proud. She loves working with the catering team and Chef Lee.