East Lancashire Hospice

Louise Baron - Kitchen assistant

Name: Louise Baron

Job title: Kitchen Assistant

What does your role involve?

It involves cleaning ovens and equipment, making sandwiches and evening meals for patients. I also serve patients, visitors, volunteers and staff at lunchtimes.

How did you get the experience to do the role you do now?

I went to college and studied bakery, then moved onto studying catering and completed an NVQ. I used to work in a restaurant in the kitchen before coming to work at the hospice.

What time do you start and finish work each day typically?

It varies as shifts are 8-2, 7.30-5 or 11-4. I usually work during the week with occasional weekend cover 12.30-5.

How do you wind down after a hard day at work?

I like to go home and have a shower. I like to sing in the shower too! I also play games on my iPad and am a big fan of musicals like The Lion King and like going to watch them in London and Manchester.

What’s the best thing about working for the hospice?

Everybody’s friendly and I love my job. I even come into work long before my shift starts because I love it so much! I love meeting and working with different people, especially volunteers who I also work with when I volunteer at hospice events.

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