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Pat Watson

Pat Watson

Pat Watson - Volunteer 

Pat Watson, our remarkable 88-year-old volunteer from Wilpshire, has been a dedicated part of East Lancashire Hospice for many years. She first began her journey at the hospice working on the main reception desk. Her connection to the hospice was deeply personal, having visited a dear friend who was very ill and later passed away there. The care and compassion she witnessed from the nurses left a lasting impression on her, inspiring her to give back in any way she could. 

Over the years, Pat’s role evolved. She started at the Clitheroe Charity Shop when it opened in September 2008, working closely with manager Carl Barlow. Pat cherished her Tuesdays at Clitheroe, not only for the volunteering but also for the chance to visit the market afterwards. In 2021, she moved to the Wilpshire Charity Shop, where she continues to volunteer to this day. 

Pat’s respon­sibi­lities have always centred around connecting with people—whether greeting visitors at reception or serving customers. She enjoys listening to their stories and sharing her own. 

One of Pat’s proudest moments was meeting the Blackburn Rovers manager during a visit to the hospice—a memory she holds dear. 

Pat’s involvement with the hospice has profoundly impacted her personal life. She has made many friends through her volunteer work and maintains a busy social calendar. 

Pat believes what sets East Lancashire Hospice apart is its deep connection to the community. Having lived in Blackburn all her life, she feels a natural inclination to support her ‘home team.’ The hospice’s commitment to personalised care and its role as a community cornerstone makes it special to her. 

"I love the fact I can make a difference and it’s recognised and acknowledged." Her dedication and warm presence have indeed made a significant impact on East Lancashire Hospice.