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Michael Brooker-Carey

Michael Brooker-Carey

Michael Brooker-Carey - Health Care Assistant Inpatient Unit 

Michael Brooker-Carey has been a Health Care Assistant at East Lancashire Hospice since March 2010. 

Michael’s journey working at the hospice was inspired by a visit to his aunt in her local hospice on the Isle of Man, this experience, coupled with a conversation with a Hospice at Home nurse caring for his stepfather, led him to apply for a job at East Lancashire Hospice. 

Michael's role has evolved over the years. He started with the Hospice at Home team and transitioned to the Inpatient Unit three years ago, enjoying both roles, each offering unique experiences. In the community, he became a familiar face, often recognised by those he helped. On the ward, he gained more nursing experience and built deep relationships with patients and their families. 

His key respon­sibi­lities include providing comfort and compassionate care to patients, ensuring their dignity is maintained, and engaging with them to learn their stories and histories. Michael takes pride in making a difference in their lives. 

Michael's proudest moments include winning the Carer of the Year award in Lancashire and receiving the Student Mentor Award in 2022 for guiding students through their placements. He also volunteers for bereavement drop-in groups and supports fundraising events, which have boosted his confidence and allowed him to connect with the community. 

What sets the hospice apart for Michael is its ability to help people with terminal illnesses feel alive again. Patients can engage in crafts, therapies, and social activities, allowing them to forget about their illness and embrace life. This transformative experience has changed Michael's perspective, making him see the hospice as a place of life and joy, not fear. 

"East Lancashire Hospice is a place where you can keep living,"  he says, capturing the essence of what makes East Lancashire Hospice special.