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Rachel Pallister

Rachel Pallister

Rachel Pallister - Trustee 

Rachel Pallister has significantly shaped East Lancashire Hospice and has played a pivotal role in the hospice’s journey over the last 40 years. Her commitment to East Lancashire Hospice has been extraordinary. Recently retired from her role as a Trustee, she has provided 40 years of unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to the hospice. 

Rachel’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in guiding the hospice through numerous milestones, one of which was being part of the team that successfully secured over £750,000 of Lottery funding, and the second, was when she was deeply honoured to be a member of the welcoming party during a Royal Visit by Edward and Sophie, the present Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh; ensuring the hospice remained a vital resource for the community. 

Her compassionate approach and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on the organisation, fostering a culture of care and support that will continue to inspire future generations. Rachel’s legacy of service and kindness will always be remembered and cherished by all who had the privilege of working with her.