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Bethany Chadwick

Bethany Chadwick

Bethany Chadwick - Senior Nurse - Hospice at Home 

Bethany Chadwick, the Senior Nurse within the Hospice at Home team, has greatly impacted East Lancashire Hospice during the past 13 months. 

Her journey with East Lancashire Hospice began when she sought a change of role after relocating. Seeing an opportunity in community nursing, Bethany was drawn to East Lancashire Hospice due to its stellar reputation, considering it one of her best career moves. 

Although initially starting as a nurse on the hospice Inpatient Unit, Bethany later transitioned to her current role in the community with the Hospice at Home team; where she assesses new patients, devises personalised care plans, and coordinates support services for patients and their families. While temporarily stepping up as the Head of Community Supportive Care, Bethany has embraced the diverse respon­sibi­lities her role entails. 

Reflecting on her time at East Lancashire Hospice, Bethany finds pride in the daily moments of making a positive impact on patients' lives. She cherishes the bonds formed with patients and their families and recalls transformative experiences where respite support brought relief and uplifted spirits in households facing caregiver burnout. 

Personally and professionally, Bethany feels enriched by her involvement with East Lancashire Hospice, which has deepened her passion for hospice care and provided opportunities for professional growth and skill development. 

Bethany believes what sets East Lancashire Hospice apart is its person-centered approach and the emphasis on patient well-being and enrichment through activities like CaST. She loves the warm and inclusive atmosphere at the hospice, where every staff member is valued and supported in their growth, both professionally and personally. 

“Each day, I feel a sense of contentment knowing that I’m part of an organisation dedicated to delivering excellent care and support to those in need.”