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Rosemary Montague-Johnstone

Rosemary Montague-Johnstone

Rosemary Montague-Johnstone - Data Administrator 

Rosemary Montague-Johnstone has been an integral part of East Lancashire Hospice for over 12 years, serving as the Income Generation Data Administrator. Her journey began as a volunteer doing Reception work, eventually transitioning into various administrative roles within the hospice. 

Throughout her tenure, Rosemary's role has evolved significantly. From handling general administration tasks to supporting clinical operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, she now focuses on data administration within the income generation department; playing a crucial role in managing event data and banking. 

One of Rosemary's proudest moments is simply being part of the hospice's compassionate community, surrounded by caring individuals every day. During challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, she witnessed the hospice's remarkable ability to unite and support the community. 

Her involvement with the hospice has deeply impacted her personally, instilling a profound appreciation for life and the resilience of those utilising hospice services. 

What sets East Lancashire Hospice apart is its community-driven fundraising model and exceptional care services tailored to the needs of the local community. Rosemary feels honoured to be selected as one of the 40 faces for the book, reflecting her pride in contributing to the hospice's mission. 

Above all, Rosemary loves the nurturing environment at East Lancashire Hospice, which is characterised by dedicated staff and volunteers committed to providing the best care possible.