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Ashleigh Foster

Ashleigh Foster

Ashleigh Foster  - Complementary Therapist 

Ashleigh Foster, a Complementary Therapist at East Lancashire Hospice, has dedicated five years to supporting patients and their families. Her journey with East Lancashire Hospice began while completing her complementary therapy degree, integrating her background in care work with her passion for therapeutic healing. 

When Ashleigh first joined the hospice, she found a perfect blend of her interests in complementary therapies and nurturing healthcare roles. During the pandemic, her role evolved significantly as she adapted to various positions, including healthcare assistant, domestic support, and care coordinator. 

Ashleigh's key respon­sibi­lities within her role involve creating a safe and relaxing environment for patients, offering therapies such as massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, meditation, and guided relaxation.­ 

Ashleigh's proudest moments are patient-related. She feels successful when transforming a patient's perception of the hospice from a place of anxiety to one they eagerly look forward to visiting. The bonds she has formed and the stories she has heard from patients have left a lasting impact on her, highlighting the honour of being present during their final moments. 

Working at the hospice has taught Ashleigh to focus on the important things in life and nurture her own emotional and spiritual health. Over the past five years, she has seen the hospice place greater emphasis on holistic wellbeing, treating patients as individuals beyond their diagnoses and symptoms. 

What sets East Lancashire Hospice apart for Ashleigh is the genuine love and care staff offer to patients and their families. The diverse range of services available underscores the hospice’s commitment to comprehensive patient care. 

She feels privileged to be part of an organisation that offers outstanding care and support within a caring community. "East Lancashire Hospice has become an institute which cares, consoles, and gives hope to many."