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Suleman Khonat

Suleman Khonat

Suleman Khonat - Supporter 

Suleman Khonat’s journey with East Lancashire Hospice began many years ago. Moved by the hospice and its mission, he began raising awareness and funds for the hospice within his community. 

Over the years, Suleman has been instrumental in rallying community support for the hospice, ensuring that more people are aware of the invaluable services East Lancashire Hospice provides. The community’s immense support has enabled him to continue spreading the hospice’s message and promoting its facilities. 

Suleman takes great pride in listening to individuals share their heartfelt stories about the compassionate care they or their loved ones received at the hospice. This personal connection became even more profound when his late wife, Rabia, received care from East Lancashire Hospice. Suleman feels forever indebted to the hospice for the love and care they provided her. 

Through his involvement, Suleman has witnessed the hospice grow and deepen its community engagement. What sets East Lancashire Hospice apart, according to Suleman, is its exceptionally personal service. 

“The care and attention provided by the healthcare professionals are unmatched. They are attentive, caring, and supportive, creating a comforting environment for both patients and their families.” 

Being selected as one of the 40 faces for this milestone book is a great honour for Suleman. He feels privileged to have the opportunity to speak so highly of the hospice’s services and the dedicated work of its staff. 

Reflecting on what he loves about East Lancashire Hospice, Suleman says, "East Lancashire Hospice has become an institute which cares, consoles, and gives hope to many."