East Lancashire Hospice

Peter Street

Peter Street - Supporter 

In 2023, East Lancashire Hospice bid farewell to one of its most dedicated supporters, Mr. Peter Street. As the owner of The Cardboard Box Company from 1999 to 2018, Peter was deeply passionate about Blackburn and the charities that enriched the local community. His unwavering support and advocacy for the hospice were well known, and he ensured that everyone he met was aware of the vital work they do. 

Peter took over The Cardboard Box Company in 1999, investing over £15 million into the business. His dedication to both his organisation and the local community made him a cherished friend and supporter of East Lancashire Hospice. 

His contributions to the hospice over the years were numerous and invaluable. The Cardboard Box Company, under his leadership, created various cardboard items for the hospice. Peter also sponsored the annual ball and many fundraising events such as the Bubble Rush, Light Up a Life, raffles, and more. Peter’s involvement extended beyond financial support; he fostered a culture of giving within his company and among his employees, ensuring a lasting impact. 

Peter’s legacy will continue to inspire and benefit the local community and East Lancashire Hospice, for years to come. The relationship between The Cardboard Box Company and the hospice continues to shine on through their unwavering support and dedication.