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John Chapman

John Chapman

John Chapman - Supporter 

John Chapman, a local artist from Blackburn’s journey with East Lancashire Hospice began with a suggestion from his late wife, Gillian, who was deeply moved by the hospice’s work in the community. 

Inspired to help, John started designing Christmas cards for the hospice’s annual collection. This initiative evolved into creating a calendar showcasing his artwork of scenic images from across East Lancashire, the hospice’s catchment area. 

John has also supported the hospice through art exhibitions and by donating his paintings as auction prizes for their annual ball. One of the key moments in his supporter journey was a weekend art exhibition he held at the hospice in 2018, where profits from the sale of his paintings went to East Lancashire Hospice. 

Supporting the hospice has been a deeply rewarding experience for John. It’s a worthwhile cause that gives him a meaningful goal, allowing him to showcase his artistic skills while giving back to the community. His involvement with the hospice has given him the incentive to produce his annual calendar and work towards something he finds truly valuable. 

Over the years, John has witnessed the hospice go from strength to strength, continually finding new ways to engage with the community. What sets East Lancashire Hospice apart, according to John, is its unwavering availability and the significant amount of voluntary work that relies on local community support. 

Reflecting on what he loves about East Lancashire Hospice, John says, "The tremendous amount of work everyone at the hospice does."